Better PDFs from Impress

I've written previously about squeezing a PDF onto fewer pages and printing from Impress. Here are my new, improved instructions, which produce a PDF with 4 rows of slides, 1 column across, per A4 page, with a left-hand margin (to enable binding) and a right-hand space for making notes. You still need the pdfjam package on Ubuntu.

  1. Export from Impress as a PDF (e.g. to 1_intro.pdf)
  2. pdfnup --orient portrait --nup 1×4 --outfile 1_intro_squeezed.pdf --paper a4paper --frame True --delta "0cm 0.25cm" --offset "-4cm 0cm" 1_intro.pdf
  3. lpr -o sides=two-sided-long-edge 1_intro_squeezed.pdf

I've also written a batch script to do this to a whole directory of Impress files without needing to start, but it was something of a faff. I used this code as a base. If anyone is interested (it is a bit of a twisted series of events which led to my solution), leave a comment and I will elucidate.


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