Christmas 2008

Great Christmas holiday. Shame it's over.

Enjoyed watching lots of films through Sky+. Jonathon Creek, Gavin and Stacey, and Wallace and Gromit were good. Got the broadband working (though Sky's DNS servers are knackered at the moment).

Joel started eating solid food: he's starting to get the hang of it. Chloe and Ian came for Christmas day and we spent most of the time playing on the Wii and eating.

Presents I got:

  1. Mario Karts Wii plus extra steering wheel
  2. Made to Stick book
  3. Everything is Miscellaneous book
  4. Hello Young Lovers by Sparks
  5. Missiles by The Dears
  6. The Thirteenth Floor DVD
  7. Hot Shots (I and II) DVD
  8. The Apple Source Book
  9. A garden fork
  10. A bag for holding string
  11. A puzzle book (I realised I love puzzles while on holiday)
  12. A planetarium
  13. Spy pens
  14. Shut the Box game

Back to work Monday. Also need to stop eating so much crap, as I think I've put a few pounds on over Christmas.

And yes, Happy New Year and all that.


One Question

Are you done with "Hello young lovers"
Would like to have a feedback if it's good or not?!

Thanks and greetings from Germany,

Dear Conny: The album is OK,

Dear Conny: The album is OK, but I think the songs are a little too repetitive for me. Starts to grate after a few listens.

A bag for holding string?

A bag for holding string? Who got you that lousy gift?

Then a planetarium? Those cost millions to construct. Who got you that?

Bag for holding string: more

Bag for holding string: more useful than it sounds. Quite sweet, too.

Planetarium: it's a portable one with a light in it. Looks pretty good in a dark room though.


Nice presents that you got there :) I saw straight away Mario Kart! I love that game, it's truly awesome, and does the old version for the N64 justice!

Cheers, hope you all had a great Christmas :)