I'm working my way down to a single hosting company (currently I have a Dreamhost account and a Site5 account; I'm getting rid of the Dreamhost account, not because it's worse, but because I've got this blog on Site5 and it's more complicated to move).

I'm also expiring some of my domains (flickrlilli.org.uk among them), closing down various svn front-ends I had setup (I just use github or gitorious in future), and pointing all my DNS entries to one place with one set of contact details.

And I've closed down advertising on my site, as I'm effectively shutting down my moochlabs business for the time being. It made me a bit sad to close down http://moochlabs.com/; but, really, I'm not interested in any work outside my day job at the moment.

I also need to move my network backups somewhere. Can anyone suggest a good, Linux-friendly backup solution? A few years ago the options were limited, but I'm guessing things have improved since.

I am also thinking of closing down one of my many email accounts (my moochlabs one) which still gets quite a bit of mail. Need to do some unsubscribing there, too.

Need to simplify...


Mondorescue is a good back

Mondorescue is a good back up solution for Linux but I also recommend Bacula. Bacula is open source and it is very powerful. It can run entirely upon a single computer and can backup to various types of media. - By Mike Dillard Review

Thanks for this tips :)

Thanks for this tips :)

I would suggest

I would suggest "Mondorescue" Linux-friendly backup solution

I can recommend Hostgator

I can recommend Hostgator widely, this is really fast and flawless support.

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Hello Elliot, you wrote that

Hello Elliot, you wrote that you are searching for a linux-friendly backup solution; have you already tested Arkeia's "Network Backup"?