Started using Twitter

I started using Twitter last week. Mainly peer pressure, but also as an experiment. Call me a member of "the early majority".

That's not the point of this blog entry though. Here's the point. Coming right up.

I use Google Reader, which is good; but it can't read Twitter feeds, as they require authentication. So I used FreeMyFeed, to which you give your Twitter username, password and friend feed URI. In return it creates an alternative, non-authenticated feed with the content of your original feed. Which you can get at with Google Reader.

There's the point. FreeMyFeed: useful.


Pizzle facebook and twitter

Twitter, facebook etc which is it and now is a new social network i have come across.

This is a great site I came across which is similar in a way I guess to the facebook and Twitter websites out there as it is also a social networking site which looks quite new, it has some extra features though I have to say that the others don’t have which I found interesting, they have a 3D City where you are in a virtual world and you can go around and find people to talk to in the virtual world it has bars and some other places of interest etc if you get board you can go outside and find another place in the virtual world, the layout and look of the page I found easy to use and a very nice looking page its got the usual stuff also like video’s you can upload music and play games also video calls through the website, being able to record a message on your page if you have someone who adds you as a new friend to their list and much more these sites are just getting more and more features I wonder what could be the next big thing for people to start joining could it be I guess we shall watch this space.
To finish all I can say is this is a site you must visit and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did im sure it will pick up as more people start to join.
The site is

I too have been facing a lot

I too have been facing a lot of peer pressure to get to twitter but have withstood till now. I want to join but I feel it will eat away a lot of my time. Don't know when I'm going to give into it.

Google should obvious update

Google should obvious update this feature to the google reader so that we can track twitter feed