Time, like an ever flowing stream

Seems to be passing more and more quickly.

We got Sky+ last weekend. The best thing about it for me, at the moment, is that it's great being able to watch a different comedy film every night. I am still in the "bewildered by choice" phase of engagement, but gradually working out where stuff is.

I feel quite unprepared for Christmas. I've done most (all?) of my shopping, but I need an audit to decide whether I need to get more stuff.

Joel is getting to the point where he recognises me when I come home, and he's all smiles. Lovely. Makes up for him waking up at 5.30 some mornings: after which he ends up on the lying on bathroom floor while I'm having a shower, so Nicola can get some rest. He goes onto solid food next week, having breakfast with me and Madeleine.

Madeleine is getting on well with her reading (can read most short words), likes doing number squares and crosswords, still does drawing every morning when she gets up. She's growing up fast. For her birthday she got several games, so we've been playing Junior Monopoly a few times.

I haven't been doing much. I've played with Google App Engine a couple of evenings, but apart from that, haven't been coding outside work. Too tired. Went to see John Shuttleworth live at the weekend: well worth seeing.

Another year nearly over. Personal achievements have been thin on the ground (far fewer extra-curricular activities). I've read about the same number of books I do every year; still not managed my goal of one per week. 35 to be precise. Here's the list:


Awesome. Yes another year


Yes another year even is nearing it's end and I still have to take a look back and look where I've made mistakes and what went right in this year. While writing this comment, I thought for some time and reminded about what went right and what went wrong. Ofcourse, there's too much to do and we've to keep sticking to our goals.

Anyways, loved your habit of reading books, I may start that habit soon too. Thank you for the ideas.


Ryan Mathys

Quite a few books

I'm definitely jealous of your reading list. How do you find the time to get through so many books! I'm at about 8 a year, although I'd really like to get more in this year, if possible.

Sky +

We've just got Sky +HD and I'm not convinced that it's worth the difference in money

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Time is just spoiling us!

I am wondering to see what is happening all around us. Time is just like a horse out of our control. How much time it will take to read all those 34 books? I think it can take months and months for me in the present situation. Perhaps we need a 48 hours day.

I've already read them this

I've already read them this year. I try to read a book per week every year: haven't succeeded yet, but typically manage about 35 a year.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

And to you! Sorry it took me

And to you! Sorry it took me until May to respond.

Hi..that's a huge list of

Hi..that's a huge list of books..you are willing to read..! hope you read them all..!

Read them already!

Read them already!