West Midlands SME completes its migration to open source

Mercian Labels is a 40-year pedigree West Midlands SME, specialising in label printing. In early 2007 (when I was still working at OpenAdvantage), some Mercian Labels staff attended our courses on PHP and Asterisk held at OpenAdvantage (I may well have taught on the PHP one). Afterwards, assisted by Paul and Jono, my old colleagues, they began migrating as much of the business to open source as possible. They did this with considerable consultancy help from Senokian, a company I got to know well while at OpenAdvantage.

I've been following the Mercian Labels blog with great interest since the start of the process. Adrian Steele, the Managing Director, has painstakingly, honestly and openly described the whole transition, explaining the business costs and benefits, snags, setbacks, victories etc.: an invaluable resource for any other business doing a similar migration.

So I was pleased to read today that the migration is finally complete. Impressively, they've replaced Windows throughout their organisation, except for a few machines to run legacy software.

Excellent news. Well done to Adrian, Mercian Labels, and Senokian. I feel proud to have been a tiny part of it.


What they are using now

So what they are using now ... if they have replaced windows. Are they using Linux or similar kind of program.

Ubuntu Linux, as I

Ubuntu Linux, as I understand it. They've kept a few Windows machines for software which won't run anywhere else. I've been using Ubuntu pretty much exclusively for about 4 years with few problems.

open advantage

Thanks Eliot. I do not underestimate the importance of the Open Advantage project to us, as it gave open source credibility, basic user training and market awareness. Its a shame its not available any more, its one of the best projects I've seen AWM fund for years and years.