Why upgrading to Fedora 13 was a pain in the backside

I resist upgrading my work machine as much as possible, as whenever I do, everything I rely on stops working properly. A few notes on my particular pains this time round as I upgraded to Fedora Core (FC) 13:

  • SELinux is an utter pain. And for some reason it's difficult to turn off in FC 13 as the SELinux graphical config tool isn't installed by default. The package you need is policycoreutils-gui, which will enable you to disable SELinux easily.
    Josh's suggestion is simpler: "edit /etc/selinux/config by hand and set SELINUX= line from enforcing to disabled".
  • The GNOME menus have ceased to be editable by default (there are lots of things there I don't use very often, and don't want clogging up my menus). You need to install alacarte to be able to edit them easily.
  • I like to be able to use sudo, so I uncommented this line in /etc/sudoers:
    %wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL
    and added my user to the wheel group:
    usermod -G wheel -a ell
  • mp3 and other restricted codecs are not available by default. To get these, you can do:
    sudo rpm -ivh http://download1.rpmfusion.org/free/fedora/rpmfusion-free-release-stable.noarch.rpm
    sudo yum install gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-ffmpeg gstreamer-plugins-ugly -y
  • Personally (because I'm set in my ways), I like quodlibet and grip for music (I know how to configure them to suit my taste; and yes, I know they're both pretty old hat). So I tend to install these next. You can also install lame if you want to be able to rip CDs to mp3.
  • I like pidgin better than empathy. Still.
  • I need ruby, ruby-devel and rubygems. At least I don't have to build rubygems any more on modern distros.
  • I need the Java plugin for Firefox:
    sudo yum install java-1.6.0-openjdk-plugin
  • Installed other tools I use quite a bit:
    sudo yum install wget git
  • I've got used to using the gedit plugin which strips trailing space when you save a file:
    mkdir ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/
    cd ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/
    wget http://users.tkk.fi/~otsaloma/gedit/trailsave.py
    wget http://users.tkk.fi/~otsaloma/gedit/trailsave.gedit-plugin
    It turns up as Save without trailing space in gedit's plugins list.

So what's improved in FC13? Erm...

  • Shotwell is quite a nice photo manager.
  • The system boots slightly faster.
  • The volume settings are more sane, so I don't have to manually keep turning up my speakers between tracks (not sure what the technical term is, but the range from 0 to maximum across the software settings covers a greater range of volumes - if that makes sense).

That's about it. (My main reason for upgrading is so I can more easily build other people's software, rather than for application upgrades.)

There would probably be more if I wasn't so old fashioned about the applications I use...


Thanks for the post. Good to

Thanks for the post. Good to know before deciding to upgrade.

Thnx for advices! I'm new to

Thnx for advices! I'm new to Fedora, so your artucle is really helpful.

Fedora is king.

Fedora is king.

I just edit the

I just edit the /etc/selinux/config by hand and set SELINUX= line from enforcing to disabled.

Also, sounds like you did a clean install, any reason you didn't use preupgrade?

Good to know about

Good to know about /etc/selinux/config - should have asked, I suppose.

I did a clean install because my system was full of junk. I felt like I should start from a clean slate. But next time, I'm going to upgrade. I'm determined not to clutter it up too much this time.