Wiisic - mp3 server with Wii UI

I got a Wii for my birthday a couple of months back. It's great: I love Zelda, got tennis elbow playing Wii Sports, and like playing Super Monkey Ball (Banana Blitz) with Nicola and Madeleine.

Tonight I have also been playing with the video playing stuff: copying videos off the camera onto another SD card, then browsing it using the Photo Channel. Nicola and I enjoyed watching videos of Joel and Madeleine (on the trampoline) on the big screen with the Wii's frankly marvellous interface. So far, I've discovered the Wii is OK with .avi files but not .mp4s or .mpgs.

I also bought the internet channel (basically Opera browser) for it. This means that sometimes you can watch stuff on the BBC iPlayer (but it's generally unwatchable due to long pauses on my internet connection), and YouTube works OK. Also discovered YouTube now has a specialised Wii interface, which is much nicer (though buggy).

But no Last.fm. I use Last.fm a lot, and it now has so much data about the music I like, I frequently use it as a personal radio station. So a bit of a blow it doesn't work on the Wii.

Instead, I went in search of a way to browse from my Wii to some kind of mp3 server on my laptop, so I can play my mp3 collection from my Wii. (Ideally, I'd have my mp3s out on the net somewhere, with a web app to play them, but maybe one day.) In the meantime, I discovered Wiisic, a little Java application to play mp3s out of folder on your computer and stream them over HTTP, to a Flash client in the Wii browser.

To get it working, I downloaded the jar, then did:

sudo java -jar wiisic.jar

A little GUI pops up so you configure a couple of options. I found that I had to run it as root on Linux so it could run on port 80: the Wii didn't seem to like port 9999. And had to turn off Apache as a consequence. The GUI also shows you the address you need to browse to on your Wii to get to the Wiisic server ( in my case). So I fired up Opera, browsed there, and got the simple but functional Flash interface and started playing my mp3s, served off my laptop. Neat.

Here's what it looks like (on my paltry TV). I christened it with the epic The Anal Staircase by Coil.

Ideally, I'd like to see this as a PHP app. (perhaps) using S3 as its backend. Should be possible...


Zelda is one of the best

Zelda is one of the best games on the wii. When the new zelda wii comes out you should pick it up.
Wii sports is also pretty fun so im sure you had fun with that

Zelda rocks!

I have loved Zelda since it's first one one the original Nintendo. My son now loves it as well, but plays it more on the advanced gaming systems. I am getting him a WII for Christmas, and didn't realize you could do so much more on it. Being a developer myself, I may get 2 and play with one of them as a server of sorts myself!
I think it would be totally cool to serve sites off of one. I have a client http://kellertreecare.info that I could sit on it, if I can make it work for that. Perhaps even build an app to use on the site?

Great tips

I've been looking for a way to play mp3's on my wii for a while, theres only so much of the radio commercials I can take when listening to a streaming station.
I was hoping "pandora" would work, but no luck. I'll try your advice here.