X-Cart - open source?

Here's an interesting one. I've been evaluating a variety of shopping carts recently, and after looking at ZenCart and finding it lacking in usability, I was looking around for other software. I came across X-Cart, and a claim on their website that their product is "open source". So I hunted around the website looking for the source code, but there was no sight nor sound of it.

I decided to contact them directly to ask for the source code, but their response indicated I'd need to buy a licence to get at the source code. This doesn't sound like "open source" to me; and when you look at the licence, it's not open source compatible either. Perhaps it's just that they mean something different by "open source" and are using it colloquially; but I feel it's a bit misleading to use this phrase on their website. Hopefully I can persuade them to use a different phrase instead.


X-Cart IS open-source. Download links below.


X-Cart source code is available for downloading - the 'download' button is can be easily almost on every page of the website, including the home page. For your convenience, these are download links:

X-Cart 5 ( new-generation platform, mobile friendly, with quick and instant upgrades and built in marketplace for appstore-like modules installation):

X-Cart 4 ( aka "Classic", well-known platform with tons of features and lots of fans among merchants and developers):

Thanks for that. That blog

Thanks for that. That blog post is 9 years old, so I'm not sure if things were different then :)

Also, I was talking about the source code, not a download of the software. They're different things. I agree that the platform may be "open", but it's not open source unless the code is available for other people to download and contribute to without having to pay anything.