ANIMALS 2 (Why Animals Should be Kept off Furniture) (17/12/1991)

Because they're hairy
And they shit on it.



Sometimes the small posts are the best, I totally agree. Dogs and furniture don't mix

Nowadays furniture's are

Nowadays furniture's are polished with chemicals to give a brighter look which can be harmful for pets if intaken. Secondly the way the pets treat the things, when they are in mood of mischief or play, everyone knows.

Absolutely off the

Absolutely off the furniture! Cats will use the soft material to sharpen their claws on it, puppies will tear it apart and both will malt all over it.

Not if they are house

Not if they are house trained and not molting. But generally it is more hygienic for people to not let their pets sleep on furniture we use.

Well animals must stay

Well animals must stay always away from furniture.

yes i agree with you ...

yes i agree with you ... beside take a shit there, some times they take a pee there too

your little tiff

I dont understand your aurgument with the so called "spambot" guy. I promote dining furniture but i have a genuine interest in animals as well hence the two dogs, one cat and three goldfish that reside with me. Anyway i do agree that animals have there place and it is not on the sofa or the bed. I don't understand why people let them sleep with themselves or beg at the dining table when you have visitors for a meal... It's wrong.... stop it.... it's wronger than spam :~}
Ps not bothered for the free Ad (unless you want to) just wanted to get my piont across @~}

With all due respect, it’s

With all due respect, it’s all very well to love and care for animals, but sharing a bed or couch with them is annoying. For one, it’s not really hygienic. What’s more, it’s dangerous coz you never know when they could just go wild (no pun intended)

pets in the house

I love pets but... I prefer not to share a home with them

me too

yes, me too ... my family the same, we are prefer not to live on the same roof so we plan to build dog's facility such as dog houses and many facility for their dog agility training ... i think we can train them to shit on the specific place
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Hey, very interesting

Hey, very interesting post.

My written English is not so good so I write in German:

"Lieber den Spatz in der Hand, als die Taube auf dem Dach."

Yours sincerely

My cat enjoys tearing

My cat enjoys tearing pillows

i know, i know.

My parents Jack Russell dog loves to get in bed with me in the morning! I know its not normal and sounds a bit wierd, but i love him jumping an and having a snooze with me.

I did see a program on the tv very recently where a women did the same with her dog and in actually attacked her.. not sure what the exact reason was, but it bit her nose off....


I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and had a terrible time keeping them off the furniture. My cats especially - they would spray or claw my couches. A few months ago, I started using Feliway's Anti-Marking Spray. It works really well - my cats have only had a few accidents since. Does anyone else notice that when one has an accident, the others will try to spray the same spot?


Pretty much sums it up, you're right!

Off the furniture?

That's assuming that you still have furniture. Most of the time they just tear it up with their claws. I still can't live without them :)

Well, we've only got a

Well, we've only got a rabbit, and she's in a hutch. So no furniture issues.

lucky you

you're so lucky you just have rabbits ... ha ha ha



I would have thought it was

I would have thought it was fairly self-explanatory :)

Unless you're a spambot, of course, in which case you probably say that to all the web pages you encounter.

Hmm, bedroom furniture: I wonder if this is merely an attempt at spamming my website for commercial gain?

nope, I'm an animal loving

nope, I'm an animal loving human :D

In which case, my apologies.

In which case, my apologies. I wasn't intending to upset animal lovers. Just put animals in their place :) I'll let the free advertising stand.