BBC Consultation Document on On-Demand Services

The BBC are seeking feedback from the public about how their proposed on-demand services should be structured and regulated. There's a document about it on their website which outlines the original proposals, plus how they were toned down by Ofcom to make them more constrained and less useful to licence-fee paying households. I understand people getting jitters about competing unfairly in the marketplace (e.g. entertainment companies which produce CDs and DVDs losing custom because ITV provides downloads). But in the case of the BBC, I'VE ALREADY PAID FOR THE CONTENT (yes, I feel the need to shout). I pay my licence fee, like most other people in the country, and have already funded production of the BBC's programmes. Why should I pay again for a DVD? Why can't I download dramas etc. which I've missed, for free, forever?

It's really important if you live in the UK that you participate in the BBC's Consultation on On-Demand Services. and make your case. I basically went on about the above in my response, plus highlighted that I didn't want DRM, I wanted everything available forever for free, and I wanted it on my Linux laptop. I tried not to sound like a free software maniac and make reasoned arguments with examples. We need as many people as possible to participate in this, otherwise we'll end up with another crippled, inaccessible on-demand service (4od, anyone?). When are the media going to wake up and give people what they want?


"When are the media going to

"When are the media going to wake up and give people what they want?"

I agree.

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