Oh dear. I fear I may be getting poorer imminently, on discovering Boomkat. While I like Amazon, their track previews don't work with my Firefox browser on Linux (they encode using an obsolete RealPlayer codec which my RealPlayer doesn't like). However, Boomkat has a Flash player which does work, and masses of obscure techno to boot. I've ordered a Chicago acid house retrospective, the new Field Music LP, plus a couple of cheap compilations on Rephlex and BPitch Control. Prices are pretty reasonable, slightly more than Amazon in some cases, but they have decent reviews, plus I can hear the tracks, and I like to buy where I browse. Can't wait.


We tend to be doing the

We tend to be doing the things without actually thinking of it deeply that is why we need to do things that we should work on for the sake of something that we need to do. - Weather Shield Windows