Colleen, Aphex Twin, Cabaret Voltaire, The Free French

Colleen is (as far as I know) a little known electronic/ambient artist, but her work is very subtle, delicate, plaintive. Just plain lovely. I think more people should know about it.

Quite a lot of her music videos are on Youtube, via her record label's site.

This one is a fan-made video, but for me it perfectly captures the spirit of the song:

In case it's never crossed your consciousness, here's the rather excellent, grotesque and hilarious Aphex Twin video for Window Licker:

Nice to see this Cabaret Voltaire video again (recorded in 1979):

These still sound great to me (more Cabaret Voltaire) - No Escape:

Seconds Too Late:

I also keep meaning to mention The Free French, who have a website where you can buy their music. Do. It is superlative intelligent (slightly reedy and eccentric, but in a good way) pop. I've been listening to it pretty much constantly all year. I think my favourite album is It's Not Me, It's You, which is glorious, and has some of the best lyrics of any pop album, ever (e.g. Ghost Writer - which is available as a free download from their site - download it!).


Looks a bit 'art school' to

Looks a bit 'art school' to me, which I lost interest in a long time ago, after hanging around with some 'artists'. Fair play to you if you can make money doing that.

What, Cabaret Voltaire looks

What, Cabaret Voltaire looks art school?

hmm..haven't really heard of

hmm..haven't really heard of her before but her music sounds nice. will try to check her out. nice post!