Good online record shops

I like Amazon - who doesn't - but sometimes they don't have what I want, or they have it at some extortionate price. I also like to support smaller specialist music retailers, so thought I'd mention a few which have great catalogues, especially if you like electronic music:

  • Boomkat - I've mentioned them before, but it's worth repeating. I particularly like the fact that you can get full track previews and they stock a lot of DRM-free mp3 downloads.
  • Norman Records - an indie record shop in Leeds (Chloe!), which has a good online shop, clean, quick and easy. Just put in my first order there, so we'll see how it goes.
  • Bleep - the original DRM-free download site for Warp records. They stock a lot of stuff on other labels now, too; not just electronica.
  • Detroit Digital Vinyl - just downloads, and mainly Detroit house and related, but good if you're after old Underground Resistance tracks.


Thanks for the great tips. I

Thanks for the great tips. I absolutely love buying old records but haven't had time to do so recently. I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Re: Good Online Record Shops

Thanks for the list. I subscribe to Napster, where I pay by the month for unlimited access to millions of tracks, and enjoy ambling around the world of other people's music tastes. Some people get upset about the "renting music" idea and say that you should always own the music you listen to, but personally, I don't see why. What do you think?

I kind of like knowing it's

I kind of like knowing it's there when I need it. And I still think we're in early days: once the interfaces and integration work better for online services, and they're in people's living rooms, I think I might find less reason to hold onto physical objects or even mp3s on a hard disk.


Thanks for the advice! I love buying old records - I've been buying from Boomkat for a while now.