mathis - now on

I'm going to put the mathis album up on as I complete the tracks. All will be downloadable for free from here:


Elliot you cyber

Elliot you cyber geek!!!!!

I lost my phone recently and hence, all hope of ever contacting you. Tried contacting Paul but he was useless
so i thought I would search the web net thingy as I know you spend an unhealthy amount of time in it.

Lo and behold.... I found you

We received the photo of the gorgeous new addition to the family. Congratulations. Obviously he is the spitting image of you
without the beard, glasses, and 13 additional stone, and he is gorgeous. Please give our love to Nicola.

Well, I heard that if you spend to much time online you get cybergeek diseases so please email me your telephone
number as it would be great to catch up, on a more conventional medium of communication!

Speak soon