mathis - track one - neighbour forgotten like a silent ray

I've completed the first track from my mathis project; the track is entitled neighbour forgotten like a silent ray. I may still do some more remixing (it sounds a bit muddy in places), but I'm generally pleased with the result.

Download it here

For this track, the sound sources were squashed versions of every track on my Johnny Mathis album. Basically, I compressed each of the 18 tracks down to half a second (without changing its pitch), and reversed it. I then used these samples, along with a variety of effects, to put together the piece.

I'm releasing these pieces under an Attribution-Share Alike CreativeCommons licence (same as the rest of the content on this site).



How do you get your things to be under the - Attribution-Share Alike CreativeCommons licence ?? Not quite sure I have it figured out. Anyhow, great tunes. Keep up the good work. Very creative it sounds like. The reverse play reminds me of some movie .... lol it was a scary one can't remember the name.

You just have to decide to

You just have to decide to apply the licence, then stick it somewhere on the product or next to it. For me, it's a great way to enable people to enjoy my music for free while still recognising its origins.


Far out tune, mo-fo. Interesting sound source. It's either the baby causing sleep deprivation, instigating symphonic auditory hallucinations... or you are just a mentalist. Cool.

Cheers mister. That's the

Cheers mister. That's the music that comes out of me. I love warped and broken noises. Johnny Mathis is a well of sonic opportunity.

By the way, my frigging blog thinks every legitimate comment is spam. I had to turn on the spam module, as well as captchas, as I was getting someone manually spamming loads of pages on my blog. Losers. Anyway, I've reinstated your comment.