Most promising open source CMS

I was a judge this year on Packt Publishing's Most Promising Open Source CMS award: the results have just been announced. The winner was SilverStripe.

I was personally impressed by the slickness of the interface, and by the fact that it has been designed to scale well to large websites. The developers have obviously thought carefully about the architecture, and are aiming for the "CMS plus web platform" approach of Drupal. I was also personally impressed by the responsiveness of the development team, their willingness to work in the community, and the clarity of their vision for the product. Worthy winners. Give it a look.


SilverStripe instead of wordpress ?

I used Wordpress for a year now but I'd like to use another CMS because Wordpress have limitations.
I'm going to test SilverStripe in order to replace Wordpress for my new blog.
Thank you.

Which CMS I recommend is best other than SilverStripe

Though SilverStripe have won the best CMS award but still for me, the best CMS is drupal and wordpress. I don't wanna say anything about SilverStripe since personally I have never tried it but I would definitely want to mention here, why drupal and wordpress are best content management system for me.

Drupal- I can make very stong and well hack proof website with drupal. Best for industry level website.

Wordpress- Best for SEO and for blogging.I use it for blogging on web hosting reviews and I never found any problem with installing modules and works great for seo.



so the cms drupal is the best ?

SilverStripe more simple

SilverStripe, while not quite as extensible as the other wordpress, drupal & Joomla, seems more simple to maintain, and as such could be a great option for clients that are more of computer newbies. This is based on my experience with my blog and not based on any other results data.


I do like silverstripe as well. I'm especially excited to get my hands on the upcoming beta!

Wordpress rocks!

I use wordpress as well. All of the plugins work great, you get notified when there are updates too. I have seen other people use drupal, but it seems they have had lots of issues. I think I'll stick with wordpress for now but thanks for the information.

CMS comparrison

I have been playing around with different CMS software, but I have not decided on which one to use. Each has its strengths and weaknesses.Perhaps setting up a rackspace cloud service to test it out would be a solution. Do you all have any suggestions on which one to use?

I also prefer Wordpress, it

I also prefer Wordpress, it is easier to use. Maybe down the line I will be more advanced to try other platforms

Excellent Platform to Publish content

It might be a wonderful experience of being a judge at Most Promising open source CMS Award. Drupal always being one of the best web platform. I have always seen excellent knowledge sharing about this platform throughout the web.

Hey thanks for solving the

Hey thanks for solving the confusion in my mind as whether to try Silverstripe, or Wordpress.
Since Silverstripe is the winner i will go for that first.

Open Source CMS

I have never used silverstripe as an open source CMS but it looks like it can work just as well as drupal but with a better interface. I am still stuck on using wordpress because that is what I started with and it seems easier. What do you find easier to use: Drupal, Silverstripe, or Wordpress.

Drupal all the way for me.

Drupal all the way for me.


Hi, till now I was using joomla CMS, but if you say that SilverStripe was a winner, then I think I should try it, hope the usage won't be difficult. If anyone made some sites on SilverStripe plz let me know how it works.

Open source possibilities


I still have to install Silverstripe in order to see what the positive buzz is all about. I'm still searching for the "perfect" open source CMS. Joomla is too bloated. Way too much redudant code and confusing interface options. Drupal is good, but the learning curve is way too high for me.

I've used CMS Made Simple a couple of times now and it works great. I can configure my own HTML&CSS templates plus the Smarty language is easy to understand. It's nice stuff.

Are there a lot of modules available for Silverstripe? For example, is there a module with which you can create a portfolio of some kind for your client?

Nice to hear that

Nice to hear that silverstripe was declared as the winner. The applause should go the development team they have done a terrific job. I too agree with you they are worthy winners.

Open Source CMS

I've used Joomla, Drupal and Volusion for clients before. I must say that Volusion seemed to be working the best thus far, yet after testing out SilverStripe I noticed that it is pretty solid for building custom web-based apps. I have yet to test it out more though, but so far I'm liking it more than the other CMS I've tried. Great post, thanks!

Just a thought

No matter which one is the most promising open source cms, the good news is that we have access to not less than 5 open source engines that allow you to create a top noch site without having to pay a dimme. 10 years ago, you have to pay dozens of thousands of dollars (i.e. vignette) to get a fully functional cms or go with php nuke.

Because of the work I do in

Because of the work I do in a medical office, I'm constantly looking for better programs and software. I really love Silverstripe. Any company with a large website should give it a try. I use it and I run tons of programs from medisoft and many others and it works wonderfully. Thanks for the article.

Particularity of SilverStripe CMS

What's the particularity of SilverStripe CMS?
You said it's good for large websites. But except the size could you tell a bit more about it's mission?
For example, wordpress is the perfect solution for blogging. In other words to lead the line what is SilverStripe's assignment?
Just need to streamline the information about all new (for me) cms solutions.


For me Silverstripe has 3 main advantages each well thought through to target the 3 main groups involved with the managing of the site; the developer, the designer and the content editor. Each role is very well compartmentalised allowing each to function without having to worry (to much) about what the others are doing.
1: Developing; Developing is super fast as you are able to utilise the Sapphire framework that Silverstripe is built on. Creating all the SQL jazz is handled without having to manually issue any SQL commands and any forms for editing added data in the CMS are automatically created and validated.

2: Designer; I dont even have to think about the CMS integration when designing the website as it allows you to place variables anywhere in your templates as simply as $Content or $Price etc.. Not having a limitation on templates also allows you to outsource the HTML/CSS

3: Content editor; The clients love the simplicity of the editing UI, I have managed to show a number of very basic computer users how to add pages and edit all their own content etc. The CMS UI is created for the end user - on purpose there isn't any configuration pages in the UI adding complexity when all that stuff should be managed by the developer. It allows them to focus on the content but has a few cool things such as versioning and staging.

open source CMS

My favorite CMS is Wordpress!

Thank Goodness for Open Source

In my opinion open source made the internet. Without open source applications, many of todays mega sites would not exist. Open source applications allow for ultra low start up cost for a website. Where elese other than the web can you start a company for $10?

I recently went to a web designer for a quote on a new project. There quote included a $9,000 CMS that was not nearly as strong as Drupal or Silverstripe.

I agree wholeheartedly. Open

I agree wholeheartedly. Open standards are equally important too: I'd like to see more of these in the CMS space.

Another open source CMS

First I used WP then Drupal started to gain some momentum which caught my attention and curiosity. Now there's another open source CMS.....what could possibly be improved over what available right now? I'm not sure I could stomach learning something new...but I am curious. Thnask for the heads up.

Most Promising

Hi Elliot,

As a judge also on the most promising panel, it was nice to see there was "universal approval from the judges" regarding SilverStripe. Given the flexibility the judging panel has in determining the top 3 CMS...I'm always concerned that the way I'm judging a CMS may not lead to the same conclusion as others on the panel. Like you, I was impressed with SilverStripe's UI.

I posted on my own blog notes and comments for how I judged all five CMS. In case you're interested...

Thanks Bryan. I used similar

Thanks Bryan. I used similar criteria to yours, but have to say I am still a Drupal person at heart.