One of my favourite things about Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, my employer lets me work from home. I actually find this one of my most productive and enjoyable days of the week: without the distraction of the office, I find it easier to focus; plus I get to take my daughter to school and fetch her, which gives my wife the chance to do student visits, and gives me a chance to spend some time with my daughter.

On top of those great things, Wednesday is also the day when I receive a rather excellent email from 14tracks. This is a fine idea put together by the equally marvellous Boomkat music store: each week they send you a list of 14 tracks exemplifying a particular musical style, label, producer, artist etc., with short reviews, plus links to play previews and buy on Boomkat.

This week's selection is 14 tracks relating to Surgeon, the techno/dubstep producer. It's a great way to find out about new music, particularly if you're into electronica of any stripe.


That's nice to hear. Working

That's nice to hear. Working from home is one of the best things ever! I am fortunate to do it full time from home. You ever consider asking your boss to make it perminate?

Not trying to ruin your

Not trying to ruin your excitement about Wednesdays but... that sounds like the average day for me.

Work at home is always too

Work at home is always too good that it can't be explained. I love to work at home whenever I got the opportunity. My wife and son always wait for that and thanks for many people who allow me to do so.

Work At Home

The work environment has become so fast paced, I can hardly get 5 minutes of straight work time without a fellow employee, customer, or field tech interrupting for help. I have tried to work at home, and it was very productive. I was able to push off 70% of the requests for help to email messaging. I tried to duplicate this at work by closing the office door, but the boss just can't stay away. Any advice on putting up walls for short periods of time? The boss can't stand me being at home as he hates not having someone there to take the workload.
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I too would love to work

I too would love to work from home; but think there would be a lot of distractions, all the more when you are with your family.

Working from home

Working from home is so much more productive than travelling into the office on a daily basis. Granted not all jobs can be done from home but thise people who are lucky enough to be able to work from their own home should make the most of it.

Working from Home

It's great to hear your employer lets you work from home. I know it's a great relief from the office and the distractions that come along with it!

Retired from Military

After recently retiring from the Army after 26 years, I've managed to somehow piece together an office in my home. It is a blessing to be able to work from home building websites, and have such a short commute to my new part time job!

It's great you have the opportunity to do the same.

Sounds ideal to me! I don't

Sounds ideal to me! I don't work from home all the time, but it would be nice to find out whether I could manage it. Good luck with your new venture.

Distraction free at home

I have a nice quiet workspace at home and it is way less stressful than when i'm at work. I don't have all the nonsense that happens in the office at work. I love working at home.

Me too. Would like to do

Me too. Would like to do more of it, to be honest.

14 tracks

I checked out 14 tracks and its really cool. I listen to pandora at home and that has some new stuff but after a while it gets stagnant. Thanks.

Definitely a winner for me.

Definitely a winner for me. It's great to get a bit of an injection of stuff I might not normally listen to, now and then.

One of my favourite things about Wednesdays

thanks for this knowledge

Congrats on joining the WAH

Congrats on joining the WAH crowd even if it is only for one day. My boss eventually realized how much he was saving by having everyone at home and now we meet once a week for a lunch meeting. It has worked out great for everyone.

Well definitely working from

Well definitely working from home give you freedom to do work at any time. But don't you think this will reduce your productivity as well. When you are with people than you would love to give your best but working from home with detached that kind of enthusiasm.

Awesome idea

What a great idea, one of those "why didn't I think of that?" things that slaps you in the face!

That's one thing I like about free online radio stations -- a constant stream of fresh, new music.

I work at home on some days

I work at home on some days and I really like it. I'm also more productive most of the time.

Work from home

My employer also allows me to work from home when I am sick and other times when I can't make it in. This is good because when I am sick I don't have to worry about working around a lot of people and being presentable. It also lets me save a bit of money on the commute. Regards!

why dont more employers do this?

in fact, why dont they realize that some people get a lot more done at home

Work from home

i think its the fact that they know that 80% of people or better need direction, they can't just stay focused and get things done when at home they have a lot of distractions. i don't think this applies to everyone, but i think it could be more detrimental, or else we would never have to commute again.

I get more distractions at

I get more distractions at work! I find focusing easier when I'm in my own environment, with music on, ready access to food, and shops within walking distance.