Skype on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10

I upgraded my laptop just before Christmas, but unfortunately couldn't get Skype working easily.

First off, I tried the packages for Ubuntu provided by Skype, but I couldn't get them to work. Instead, I used the Medibuntu Skype package. To use these, you just add a couple of repositories to your apt sources: see this page for details.

These worked, kind of: Skype started, but the audio capture didn't work. I found this article, which suggests a fix, by turning off pulseaudio (the default, poorly-configured sound server for Intrepid).

But this didn't seem to completely solve my issues, as Skype kept hanging when you tried to close it down.

So, instead, I followed these longer but more comprehensive instructions, which leave pulseaudio turned on, but fix its configuration. They seem to have done the trick.


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Skype Download Free

I think clear the cache memory might solve your problem.

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After full 6 hours tiresome

After full 6 hours tiresome effort, I was failed to run Skype properly. I think it is very difficult to make something work on Linux if it wouldn't work properly. Anyways, I dropped the effort. Perhaps I should follow your article to make it work.

Just downloaid Skype from!

Hi all,

I am on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10 too.
Don't really get your problems.
I just downloaded Skype from, installed it and it works without any sound problems.
For recording I use the free Linux ( Ubuntu ) program Skype call recorder ( ), which does an excellent job.

Yes, could have probably got

Yes, could have probably got the Skype package if I followed the instructions to get it to work. However, using Medibuntu means I can automatically update via apt-get.

Skype user-friendly

I think Skype is user-friendly. Does it matter if it is installed using different software? Just like what you wrote. I'm just curious.

Skype having errors

I read in an article that skype is not taking feedback to fix its major problems for windows pc and windows mobiles!

At least you got it working

I heard on Windows Weekly that Skype didn't work on Windows 7 LOL