The mother of all demos

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Paul did a presentation this morning called Top Ten Open Source Tools. It was a fun one to do, and we spent a good amount of time discussing which products we'd cover. We both agreed on the number one spot, but the others were numbered fairly arbitrarily. The other constraint was that we wanted things an IT consultant could apply to their business fairly readily, or which offer opportunities to small businesses. So, to retain a sense of expectancy, here they are in reverse order.

10. Windows utilities: 7zip, Putty, Filezilla (FTP client), PDF Creator, Scite (text editor)
9. Thunderbird email client (my spam demo didn't work though); this incidentally involved demo'ing dovecot imap server too
8. CRM: SugarCRM and EGS
7. Trac and Subversion
6. Custom Linux (Paul talked about firewall distros, embedded distros, and demo'd OpenFiler)
5. EasyEclipse (every home should have one), plus how it integrates with Subversion and Trac
2. Open source CMS: I mentioned Drupal, Plone, and Joomla!, and did a brief Joomla! demo
1. Firefox (of course), plus Web Developer Toolbar and Sage RSS reader extension

Attendance was pretty good (about 20 people). We demo'd all of the products above, which took about 1.5 hours, and was a bit nerve-wracking; but we pulled it off, thankfully. At one point, our poor 1Gb of RAM laptop was running AIXGL (for fancy spinny window effects), Ubuntu, Windows XP under the VMware player, a SugarCRM VMware appliance, an OpenFiler VMware appliance, XAMPP, EasyEclipse, dovecot,, and Firefox. I swear I saw sweat coming out of the USB sockets, but it managed to keep plodding on.

There were dozens of others we could have mentioned, of course, but we chose mostly our own favourites. Any suggestions from anyone else?

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I like that about it too:

I like that about it too: while you have to do your own manual connections between Trac, Subversion, and Eclipse, once you get the hang of it it's not too onerous. A bit more integration would be good, though.

Is the presentation available somewhere?

I am specially interested in the EasyEclipse /SVN/Trac stuff. ;-)
Also I am helping on the Google Summer of Code project for Eclipse, and one of the project is about an Eclipse Mylar Trac connector .... quite interesting

Added files

Dear Philippe,

I've attached the presentation and my demo script to give an idea of what we said. It might not make much sense without the demo machine, of course, but you are welcome to them.

Good news about the Mylar Trac plugin: looks great. As part of the demo, I manually showed how you could commit to Subversion from Eclipse with a commit message referencing a Trac ticket; and then in Trac, showed how you should reference Subversion revisions from inside a ticket. This is a really impressive but simple feature, and the audience seemed to like it. It would be excellent if you could see Trac tickets from inside Eclipse, and attach commits to particular tickets by (for example) selecting it from a drop-down list.

Thanks for the comment, anyway.

We've recently started using

We've recently started using Trac, and I like it a lot- it's missing a few things that I'd like, but is loose enough that you can do things how you want to.
The simplicity with which tickets and changesets can be linked is particularly impressive, and while I'm in an eclipse-hating phase at the moment, it would be a nice feature to have,


Trac is a very good system, I can say that from my own experience

What do you hate about Eclipse?