Music manager

This is a relatively simple Python script for managing a mass of .ogg and .mp3 files. I developed it using Python 2.4.2, on Ubuntu "Breezy". You will need the python-pyvorbis, python-id3 and python2.4-id3lib packages (that's what they're called on Ubuntu, anyway; the Python libraries you need are ID3 and ogg.vorbis).


  • Rename files based on ID3 tags with weird characters removed, with optional space stripping and forcing to lowercase.
  • Clean ID3 tags on .ogg and .mp3 files: replaces weird and duplicated characters.
  • Organise files into folders using ID3 tag content. WARNING: this feature will remove empty directories from the start directory down. If you're worried, don't use the --output feature.

For usage instructions, run:

python --help

The script is released under the GNU Public License (GPL). See below for a copy of this license.



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This was really useful, cheers.

Excellent, glad you found it

Excellent, glad you found it useful. I still use it all the time myself, and it does the trick for me.